Recently, CNN contributor Don Lemon got slammed by other African-Americans when he gave five practical ways to address some common problems facing the black community. All this in the wake of the Zimmerman Verdict and comments by conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly. I strongly encourage you to check out this article from News One and take a look at Bill O’Reilly’s comments as an example of the attacks coming against Lemon: http://newsone.com/2647464/don-lemon-logic-saggy-pants/

Here are the points Lemon made: Take a look at Lemon’s entire CNN segment here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCASEL9mUxM

  1. Pull up your pants
  2. Stop using the “N” word
  3. Respect where you live
  4. Finish school
  5. Stop having children out-of-wedlock

So why is he being called an Uncle Tom? Why is he considered a self-righteous house negro? It’s simple. Don Lemon chooses not to drink the kool-aid of blame shifting. There are so many excuses to why the American Black Community is not walking in their prophetic calling. You hear a lot of talk of racism, an unfair judicial system, lack of education, jobs etc. But the heart of the problem is, and will always be, personal responsibility. Especially the responsibility we have toward our families.

I applaud Lemon for having the courage to stand up to such nonsense. If you look at the 5 points he suggested they all boil down to personal decisions. Remember Bill Cosby’s speech some years ago? He got blasted for the same reason – preaching personal responsibility.

It’s sad to see that so many people don’t understand the heart of the issue. Ultimately, it’s not an unfair judicial system, the lack of access to a good education, racism, or even rap music; as Bill O’Reilly and Don Lemon pointed out, the heart of the issue is the disintegration of the black family. That’s pretty good logic.


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