Justice was handed down yesterday to a predator. His choice of prey were innocent children and poor, mostly minority, women. Dr. Kermit Gosnell was convicted of three counts murder for snipping the spines of babies after botched abortions and one count manslaughter after a woman under his “care” died from an overdose.

The case has added fuel to the fires of the abortion debate. It has highlighted the cruelty of abortion practices and how the abortion industry preys on women and profits from the death of children. However, I am encouraged. I’m encouraged because this case shows how ridiculous pro-abortion arguments are. Gosnell was convicted of murder. When it all boils down, a jury convicted him over a couple of inches. What separates a legal abortion and birth are mere inches.

Think about it…if he had successfully killed the infants while they were still in the womb there would not have been any complaints. The eye witnesses wouldn’t have seen the babies moving, breathing, or crying. There wouldn’t have been a case. But because the babies survived to travel the few inches down the birth canal, suddenly it’s a murder case. The babies were just as alive struggling for life in a toilet as they were while nestled in their mother’s womb.

Is someone really going to try to define life by a few inches? Yes, sadly, they will try. But, they will fail. When I look over this country of ours I see states passing more and more stringent laws against abortion. The pro-life movement is still as fiery as ever. Because, I believe, that people’s hearts are starting to awaken to the reality that life begins in the womb. And no amount of lies or spin by pro-abortion advocates can overcome that fact.


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