When I read the Bible, I see the principle of sonship everywhere. One of the things that I found interesting is how fathers passed on blessing to their sons. There are many examples, but I want to highlight a few with these next series of posts because they have helped me understand God’s heart for generations.

At my church, Harvest, we have a core value that I am in love with and have totally adopted for myself. It says that I celebrate when my ceiling become some else’s floor. It means that whatever impact I have for the Kingdom, large or small, becomes a launching pad for those who come after me. What parent wouldn’t want that for their children? Scripture is full of men and women who wanted nothing but the best for their kids.

Take for example the patriarch of Israel, Abraham. The Bible says, “The Lord had blessed Abraham in all things” (Gen 24:1). I have this saying that we can only give what we have and we only have what we have received. God called Abraham to give birth to a nation. God promised him, that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars of the sky and sand of the seashore; that’s a lot of kids! Of course, Abraham did not physically father all of these children. Some he did, but many, many more were descendants of his faith, including you and me. Abraham could not do this without the incalculable blessings of God. Although I’m sure Abraham enjoyed his blessings, but they were not just for him.

At the end of his life, the one of the last things he did was make sure that his son married. Despite marriage and children being traditional, I believe Abraham knew that the promise of God would not happen in his lifetime, but through his lifeblood. With Isaac married, he could rest assured that children would come and carry the same promise until it was fulfilled. Then as his last act Abraham, “gave all that he had to Isaac” (Gen 25:5).

That’s simply incredible! God blessed Abraham with every blessing imaginable: wealth, long life, children, and authority. As his last act Abraham gives it all away so his son could exceed him in every way possible.

I think this serves as a lesson for all of us. God is delighted when we take what He has given us and give it away.


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