Today we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr., a great man. In my opinion a prophet that led a national revival. In his most memorable speech he told the nation of a dream. A dream that we would no longer be judged by the color of our skin, but by the “content of our character”.

Although he did not live to see his dream fulfilled, I am glad that God gave him that dream and appreciate his tireless efforts in the face of bigotry, imprisonment and threats of violence to see that dream come to pass. Today, the country inaugurates President Barack Obama to a second term. Whether we agree with his policies or not MLK’s sacrifice made this possible. He also helped make it possible for men and women of all ethnicities to hold public office, own business, live and work alongside, and have the same opportunities as whites. In some way his dream touched every life in America.


Reflecting on such greatness there are some questions that I ask myself. Am I willing to strive for a dream that I may never see realized? Can I live selflessly for the benefit of another generation? Will I live my life in such a way that when I breathe my last breath my Heavenly Father will welcome me with open arms and say, “Well done, good and faithful servant”?

Moses and King David are great Biblical examples of living for another generation. Moses led the people to the promise land although he would never see it himself. However, in Joshua, his spiritual son, he ensured the people had the leadership they needed to conquer the land. King David dreamed of building a temple for the Lord. He couldn’t do it, but he made sure his son Solomon couldn’t fail.

To have a dream is an act of faith. When we dream we are hoping for something that we cannot see presently (Heb 11). As Christians aren’t we all called to live by faith?

My dream is to see an entire culture changed for the glory of God. To see life valued and marriage esteemed by all. I want to see spiritual and natural adoption take root in the heart of society until we come into the fullness of our fellowship. I don’t know if I will see that in my lifetime, but I will strive toward the mark nonetheless.

So, what’s your dream?


One thought on “Have a Dream

  1. Great post. If we are so fixed on the here and now, on meeting our own present wants and desires, then we will never build that which will benefit others after us. Living for a dream that will be realized by a later generation is hard to do, but well worth it. David

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