The Bible tells us “Where sin abounded, grace abounded much more” (Rom5:20). Abortion is a sin issue. Like all sins, it leads to death; in the case of abortion, in the most literal way. Politically the argument for abortion has always been about a woman’s right to chose. However, they do not tell women that their choice leads to emotional and spiritual bondage.

I woke up this morning remembering a conversation I had with my wife several years ago. She was with family and friends when out of the blue one of the ladies started talking about an abortion she had. Through tears the woman explained that she had the procedure. She was defending herself when no one was accusing her a sign of the immense regret she felt. I don’t recall all the details of the conversation, but I remember my wife telling me that on a regular basis the woman still suffered regretting that she had terminated her child. The pain she felt is the result of a broken heart that was never healed.

Moreover, I am blessed to be a part of a team that ministers to men who are coming out of the gang and drug culture. During our annual retreat, called an Encounter, we ask if any men who have been a part of an abortion would like to receive prayer. Every time, still grieving men stand up to receive prayer and the team prays that God would lift the bondage of sin, bitterness, and regret from them as they repent. For many of them, the regret of encouraging their girlfriends to have abortions is one of the reasons they hate themselves and are emotionally dependent on drugs. But, I have seen God move and release these guys from their sorrow by His grace.

We cannot expect a secular government or abortion advocacy groups to forewarn women about the spiritual and emotional consequences. I believe that job falls to believers. Here in Hampton Roads there is a non-profit organization called the Keim Centers that show love and grace to those who have been a part of an abortion. They work tirelessly toward saving unborn lives and the total restoration of post abortion individuals by offering them resources and counseling.

God intends that we all walk in freedom. Freedom comes from His son Jesus and obedience to His word. There is freedom even after abortion. Is abortion sin? Yes. Is there enough grace to cover a terrible sin such as abortion? Again the answer is, YES. We cannot go back in time to reverse what is done. But we can move forward learning from our past shortcomings and mature.

I know that this blog won’t get a large number of readers, but for what its worth if you have experienced an abortion there is grace and forgiveness that can restore you. You do not have to remain a prisoner of sorrow.

Finally, if you are like me and you know people who have been part of an abortion remember we cannot undo what has been done nor should we condemn them. Now is the season of grace. Take the opportunity to be part of the healing process.


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